A general introduction of Dailymag F64 64L reusable sharps container

Dailymag large capacity resuable sharps contianer have 64L (17gallon) and 38L (10gallon) two capacity models.

* Reusable for 500+ times! High cost performance

* Autoclavable (120°C)
* Leak proof and puncture resistant 
* Wide and clear  opening for easy disposal 
* Counterbalanced door for hand-free disposal 
* Ergonomically-designed handle 
* Practical sliding temporary lid 
* Secure perimeter lock for safe usage and transportation 
* Easy manipulation 
* Comprehensive label details 
* Safe to human health and environment

Very convenient to operate:
1. When the container is full, use nylon cable tie to make the lid definite closure.
2. After transfer the container to medical waste recycling station, cut off the nylon cable to release the lid, pour out medical waste and clean the container.
3. After cleaning and disinfection, send back the sharp container to hospital for a new use time. 


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