23L Sharps Container Medical Sharps Box

23L capacity BD model sharps container, medical sharps box

Model: DMS-S23
Capacity: 22.7L
Product Size: 33X22X44CM
Packing Qty: 10PCS/Carton
Carton Size: 48X35X77cm

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sharps container,sharps box,sharps container manufacturer,sharps bin,needle container

Product Features:
* Special and square shape
* Newly designed
* Leak proof and puncture resistant
* Solid and stable stand
* 2L and 5L models are perfect for long size needle disposal
* Cardboard sharps box for special needs
* Secure perimeter lock for safe usage and transportation
* Easy manipulation
* Comprehensive label details
* Safe to human health and environment

Comprehensive Products Range
Totaling hundreds of models of sharps containers
New Designs
More than 20 types of new designs every year
Quick Shipment
We have stocks of normal products. Minimium deliery time is 3 days.
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Medical sharp box:

Biomedical sharps waste is the subset of biomedical waste produced at hospitals, health care centers, dispensaries, vaccination centers, nursing homes, blood collection centers, and laboratories. Sharps are objects which are designed to puncture or cut the skin for medical requirements. These include syringes, hypodermic needles, blades, lancets, scissors, broken glass vials, and slides etc. Such biomedical waste is extremely dangerous because it can cause several health complications, and must be disposed of properly. Dailymag provides high quality medical sharps boxes for the containment and disposal of biomedical sharps waste. Our sharps boxes are designed in accordance with the healthcare guidelines. Our medical sharps boxes are leakage or puncture resistant because of high grade plastic material of which these are manufactured. Dailymag medical sharps boxes are stable, light weight, eco-friendly, and easy to handle. Our sharps boxes have a good capacity which does not let the sharps out unless they are withdrawn properly. Our medical sharps containers contain specifically designed lids with an opening for the placement of sharps into it. Dailymag medical sharps boxes are color coded and contain prominent biohazard signs indicating the placement of hazardous material in them. Moreover, Dailymag medical sharps provide their customers with very reliable, high quality products at a very reasonable and affordable price which does not burden our customer’s budget.

Sharps-based injuries are accidental events that results in puncture or severe cuts on the skin. Besides injuries, these sharps are also a major source for the spread of blood-borne pathogenic infections. The very first event of sharps based injuries was reported in 1984 in which the healthcare worker acquired Human Immunodeficiency virus infection know as Acquired immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS). Hence, sharps have long been a source of an occupational hazard for medical workers. Therefore all the sharps waste products must be disposed of in proper medical sharps boxes. Dailymag provides high quality medical sharps containers that are available in the market and have the following features:

  1. Our containers are very stable, equilibrated and have intact finishing.
  2. An extremely fine quality of heavy propylene plastic is used to manufacture the containers.
  3. Our medical sharps boxes are hard to be punctured or leaked.
  4. The corners of Dailymag containers are curved which reduced the accumulation of waste in the container.
  5. Dailymag medical sharps boxes are made with stable bottoms.
  6. The openings of our containers are designed in such a way that no sharps or needle fell out unless it is withdrawal properly.
  7. Dailymag medical sharps boxes are kept yellow or red to indicate the presence of infectious material in them
  8. A biohazard sign is also printed at the front side of medical sharps boxes.

Needle stick injury is the accidental puncture of the skin with infectious needles. According to the data of the Centre of Disease Control (CDC), health care workers and waste management staff is at higher risk on needle stick injures while collecting the biomedical sharps waste. During the collection of biomedical sharps waste, 35% of the needle-stick injuries occur in waste management staff. It is, therefore, highly recommended to keep the medical sharps boxes at various sites in medical centers and hospitals. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) also recommends free immunization and cure of healthcare workers. The United States Department of Health Services reports that almost six to eight lac people got infected by needle-stick injuries per year, and according to CDC, almost a thousand needle stick injuries occur daily among the medical occupational staff. Besides waste management, physicians are also at higher risk who may encounter injuries while dealing with the patients. CDC reports that CDC reports that 10% of the needle stick injuries also occur due to the collision of staff during the procedure while 0.6% occur while recapping the needle. Syringe needle should never be recapped before disposal because it increases the chances of needle-stick injuries. The World Health Organization reports that these needle stick injuries result in blood-borne infections with 66 thousand Hepatitis B cases, 16 thousand reported Hepatitis C cases and more than 2 hundred to 5 thousand mv infections worldwide. 

Sharps produced at different medical centers and hospitals should always be handled with extreme precautions because of its serious side effects. Following are some precautions that must be followed:

  1. The prevention from cuts and slices should be made mandatory by wearing protective gloves.
  2. Needle can ever penetrate the protective gloves and cause a puncture, so these should be handled with extra care.
  3. Needles, syringes, and blades should always be handled in the proper light
  4. Less movement should be done while handling sharps.
  5. Do not use any kind of broken apparatus because it can cause injury at any time during the procedure.
  6. Broken vials must not be used for the collection of blood and other boy fluids.
  7. Used syringes should be discarded carefully.
  8. Needles should never be handed or pass on directly from one person to another.
  9. Broken ampules or injections should not be wasted in general waste.

A medical sharps container is the most appropriate container for the containment of the sharps before their disposal. One must keep all these basic points in mind while handling a medical sharp box:

  1. Medical container should always be placed where needles and ampules are used regularly.
  2. Before placing more biomedical sharps into the medical sharp box, it must be examined properly to estimate its capacity to have more material in it.
  3. The container should be emptied after the waste reaches to three quarters of the bin.
  4. Put the needles upside down so that they are not directly exposed to the handler.

Medical sharps boxes can be handled with easy with their firm handles, color coding and symbol representation. We have high grade material that allows our sharps boxes to be resistant to any leaks, spills or punctures inside out. Furthermore, it also does not produce any harmful gases during incineration process hence, is environmentally acceptable. Dailymag products are durable and are available at very affordable price range.

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