Big capacity Sharps Container and Medical Waste Container

Dailymag produce resuable Big capaciry Sharps Container and Medical Waste Container.Resuable Capacity: 38L, 64L, resuable Waste Container Capacity: 26L, 50L, 1100L

Model: Big Series
Capacity: 26L - 100L
Product Size: 26L - 100L
Packing Qty: According to the capacity
Carton Size: According to the capacity

Product Features:
* Corrosion resistant, no absorption, stackable, eco-friendly
* Sizes available: 1100L/240L/100L/60L/50L/30L/26L
* Quiet, heavy-duty pedal for hands-free sanitary us
* With wheels,easy to move

Item No.  DMWC-26   26L Medical Waste Container with pedal

Item No.  DMWC-50   50L Medical Waste Container with pedal

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Item No.  DMWC-50B   50L Medical Waste Container

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Item No.  DMWC-1100   1100L Super Large Medical Waste Container with wheels

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Reusable Big Capacity Medical Sharps Container

Item No.  DMS-F38   38L Reusable Medical Sharps Container 

Item No.  DMS-F64   64L Reusable Medical Sharps Container 

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Medical Sharps Box Supplier-Dailymag

Sharps containers or sharps boxes are the group of specifically designed boxes for the containment and disposal of biomedical sharps waste. Dailymag is a medical sharps supplier which manufactures a wide range of sharps containers. Our sharps containers are highly reliable, eco-friendly, and affordable. All of our containers are designed specifically for their supposed use. Our main customers belong to the healthcare department where the production of biomedical sharps waste is a usual thing. Biomedical sharps waste may contain hypodermic needles, suture needles, blades, syringes, injections, and ampules, etc. To contain such sharps safely, high quality, hard and intact containers are needed. Dailymag meets all the requirements of sharps containers recommended by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). Dailymag containers are supplied to hospitals, health care centers, dispensaries, vaccination centers, nursery homes, laboratories, and blood collection centers. We provide both type of sharps containers i.e., disposable sharps containers and reusable sharps containers. The former one are made of cardboard while the latter ones are made of high-quality plastic. The material used to make our containers is highly eco-friendly. Dailymag containers are properly labeled with biohazard signs and are color coded. Our containers contain firm handles for the proper handling of the container. Dailymag containers contain hinged lids with temporary locks along with a small special opening through which sharps are placed into the containers. Our containers are leakage proof and do not allow the spillage of any biomedical waste fluid present in them. Dailymag provides high-quality, extremely reliable and eco-friendly products in an affordable price range which does not burden our customer,s budget.

Dailymag medical sharps boxes:

Dailymag manufactures a wide range of medical sharps containers and supplies them to the customers very conveniently. Dailymag’s sharps containers range contain both types of waste containers i.e., disposable (made of hard cardboard) and reuseable (made of plastic). The disposable containers are disposed of along with the biomedical sharps waste present in them while the reusable containers can be used again after the proper withdrawal of sharps from it. The Dailymag variety of sharps containers include; needle containers, medical sharps boxes, sharps bin containers, sharps safe containers, medical sharps containers, plastic sharps containers, and disposable sharps containers. All of these containers are available in different capacities depending upon their supposed usage site. For example, A Hospital ward may require a large container of 20L while in dispensaries and health care centers only small sharps containers of about 5 to 8 L are required. In order to facilitate the customers. Dailymag manufactures these containers in a wide range of capacity i.e., 1L to 30L. All of the Dailymag containers are properly color coded and contain biohazard symbols for the proper indication of the type of biomedical waste. 

General features of Dailymag containers:

  1. Dailymag biomedical sharps boxes and containers are very intact and stable.
  2. Heavy duty propylene material is used for the manufacturing of reusable containers.
  3. The disposable containers are made of high quality cardboard
  4. We keep the look and feel of the containers quite simple, a plane with curved edges and corner.
  5. Dailymag containers are available in a wide range of capacities.
  6. The bottom-side of our container is much equilibrated which keep the container stable.
  7. Hinged covers with temporary locks along with relatively tiny opening to reduce the out throw of any material from the container
  8. Needle container’s lids also contain needle cutters.
  9. Biohazard sign along with Color-coding.

Importance of sharps containers:

The importance of sharps containers resides in the fact that biomedical waste caused by sharps poses serious and life threatening injuries and infections. Biomedical sharps are the tools, equipment, and apparatus which is intentionally made sharp to puncture or cut the skin for medical requirements. These sharps can easily penetrate the skin and get in contact with the patient body fluid. Patients usually contain some sort of infectious and highly pathogenic microbial agents in them. The used sharps, therefore, can not only injure the skin but also have adverse and critical infections such as Hepatitis B, hepatitis C, and AIDS. 

The accidental injuries caused by biomedical sharps called needle-stick injuries. The main medical occupational groups which prone to the risk of needle-stick injuries are the physicians and nurses. Many injuries may also occur while recapping the used syringes. The other main occupational group at higher risk is waste collection staff. As per a research by CDC, quite a few number of injuries occur while the collection of sharps waste. The members of waste collection staff are also not highly educated, hence, they do not know the extent of the seriousness of the infection. According to the OSHA directions, care assistants should be provided with free-of-cost immunization against possible viral contagion due to needle stick injuries. 

Basics for using a Dailymag sharps container:

Dailymag manufactures and supplies their customers with a huge range of sharps containers of different capacities. There are some basic points that one must keep in mind while using Dailymag sharps containers:

  1. Dailymag sharps container should always be placed near the source of sharps production or where medical apparatus or needles are supposed to be used.
  2. Containers'  capacity must be examined before putting more stuff into it.
  3. Do not fill the sharps containers more than their limit i.e., 3/4 of the container.
  4. Needles should be put upside down so that they are not directly exposed to the handler.
  5. If a needle or syringe got stuck into the opening of the containers, it should not be managed by hands rather forceps or tongs could be used. 

Dailymag sharps containers are color coded (yellow or red) and have prominent biohazard signs on them to warn the handler. Dalymag containers are puncture, spillage, and leakage resistant from either side of the. Moreover, it also does not produce any harmful gases during incineration. Our sharps containers are designed for the proper facility and prevention of the handler. Dailymag is well known for its reliable products and affordable pricing.

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