Dailymag now have sharps container capacity available from 0.1L-46L for disposable model and 2Gallon(7.6L), 3Gallon(11.4L), 4Gallon(15.2L), 11Gallon(42L) & 17gallon(64L) for reusable model sharp container.

Dailymag MOQ is 2000pcs for 0.1-5L capacity models, 1000pcs for 6-15L models, 500pcs for 23L-64L models.

Basically we have 500-1000pcs each popular model in stock, such as 1L, 3L, 5L, 7L, 10L and 23L.

All models have samples available, normally sample delivery is by courier, you can get a sample in 3-5days. Dailymag can handle sample delivery for you if you pay courier fee or provide courier account for freight collect.

The standard production leading time is 7days for MOQ, 20days for a 20feet GP and 30days for a 40feet GP or HQ.

Sharps Container product is high in volume compared with product’s weight, so the preferred transportation way is by sea, the shipping cost by air or courier is expensive, only 0.1L and 0.2L models recommended delivery by air.

The disposable model sharps container is made of Polypropylene plastic, all raw materials are imported from ExxonMobil.

And reusable model sharp container are made of PP plastic, raw materials are imported from Formosa Plastic Group.

Dailymag never use recycled materials and defective materials, we guarantee the quality of each sharps container, just as we fulfilled ‘Because Safety Isn't an Option’.

Dailymag Sharps Container comply with FDA, CE, ISO 23907-12019, BS7320 and AS4031.

Most of the above international standard requirements are similar, mainly for the puncture resistance and drop resistance of the sharps box, and the product identification requirements

Dailymag Group also provide Permanent Magnet and Magnetic Products, if you have interesting, please invite www.cndailymag.com. Following are some magnetic knowledge for you to understand.

In an electromagnet the magnetic field is created through electric current in a wire-wound coil and strengthened by a soft-iron core. As soon as you turn off the power, the soft-iron core loses its magnetisation.
A permanent magnet is made of ferromagnetic material, which is magnetised by a strong external magnetic field. The magnetically hard material that is used keeps part of its magnetisation after the external magnetic field is turned off.

The attraction between magnets is a little stronger than the repulsion. That is due to the alignment of the molecular magnets in the magnet. The attraction as well as the repulsion of magnets decrease significantly with increasing distance.

A magnet having a preferred direction of magnetic orientation, so that the magnetic characteristics are optimum in one preferred direction.

A magnet material whose magnetic properties are the same in any direction, and which can therefore be magnetized in any direction without loss of magnetic characteristics.

Remanence Br is a measurement for the magnetic induction or magnetic flux density that, after successful magnetisation, remains in the magnet. Simply said: the higher this value is, the "stronger" the magnet. T (Tesla) is used as the unit of measurement for magnetic induction and, respectively, magnetic flux density. The unit of measurement previously used was G (Gauss). 1 Tesla = 10 000 Gauss.

Dailymag Group also provide Permanent Magnet and Magnetic Products, if you have interesting, please invite www.cndailymag.com.Following are some magnetic knowledge for you to understand.