A1 Respiratory Exerciser Breathing Exerciser

A1 Three balls Respiratory Exerciser, Breath Exerciser, Lung Exerciser

Model: DMS-A1
Capacity: 600cc/900cc/1200cc per sec
Product Size: 14X7X14CM
Packing Qty: 28PCS/Carton
Carton Size: 52X36X30cm

respiratory exerciser,sharps container,sharps box,sharps container manufacturer,sharps bin,needle container
respiratory exerciser,sharps container,sharps box,sharps container manufacturer,sharps bin,needle container

respiratory exerciser,sharps container,sharps box,sharps container manufacturer,sharps bin,needle container

respiratory exerciser,sharps container,sharps box,sharps container manufacturer,sharps bin,needle container
respiratory exerciser,sharps container,sharps box,sharps container manufacturer,sharps bin,needle container

Factory sale 1200ml Breathing Equipment Three Balls Spirometry Lung Incentive spirometer exerciser, Lung exerciser and Breathing exerciser
Item No. DMS-A1 respiratory exerciser,breath exerciser, lung exerciser,sharps container,sharps box,sharps container manufacturer,sharps bin,needle container
Capacity 1200ML
Product Size Length 140mm
Width 95mm
Height 16mm
Carton Size 52x36x30.5cm
Qty/Ctn 28pcs
G.W./N.W. 7.3/6.3KGS
 Material   PS
 Working Temperature   0°C-120°C
 Volume Range   600mL to 1200mL
 Available Colour   GreenBlue or Customized
 Function Breathing Exercise Equipment (Respiratory Exerciser) helps to develop, improve and maintain respiratory fitness.

This Breathing Exerciser Equipment (Respiratory Exerciser) is made for independent and controlled breathing gymnastics.
In particular, it is suited to bedridden patients. Thus, a superficial and that´s why insufficient breathing results in an insufficient aeration of the lower located sections of lungs. It could be, that there will be an accumulation of secretions (especially phlegm) in the lower sections of lungs. Hence, an inflammation of lung´s tissue will be encouraged.
In order to prevent that, you should practice with that therapy-exerciser for breathing several times a day.

 Price Advantage   The price is 5-10% cheaper than industry average because of an excellent and efficient management system.
 Delivery Advantage   The lead time must be 2-5 days quicker than industry average because of more flexible machine process control.
 Certification   BS7320, ISO13485,UN3291
 Our Mission  We are not only producing Factory sale 1200ml Breathing Equipment Three Balls Spirometry Lung Incentive spirometer exerciser, but also putting an end to the medical waste secondary pollution.
 Special Requirement   Customized design  is available.

How to use 3 balls Respiratory Exerciser?

The Respiratory Exerciser has 3 air chambers and 3 movable balls. When exercising lung function, the patient should put the air nozzle into the mouth and inhale hard. If all 3 balls float to the top, The lung function is basically sound, and the vital capacity has reached more than 1200ml. Only one ball float to the top indicates that it is 600ml, and 2 balls float to the top indicate that it reaches 900ml.

Be careful not to inhale too hard, keep inhaling as smoothly and deeply as possible as long as possible, and keep the three balls of the breathing exerciser suspended for as long as possible. Use Dailymag Lung exerciser 2 times a day, 10 minutes each time, and use it for 3 months, so that your lungs can achieve a satisfactory recovery effect. Healthy people can also use the breathing exerciser regularly to achieve the effect of strengthening the lungs and strengthening the body.

Respiratory Exerciser  Breathing Exerciser:
• Help patients perform and monitor their own post-surgical breathing exercisers
• One-way valve ensures patients inhale rather than exhale into the unit
• Highly visible pistons and universal graphics indicate correct inspiratory flow rate

Always remember “Your health is an investment, not an expense.”

The common complaint a patient gives when out from the surgery regarding stomach issues, pulmonary diseases, fibrosis, or any such kind is the loss of proper air to breathe. The lungs become weaker due to lung illnesses such as pneumonia or avoid getting space against the diaphragm to let the breathing bags of the lungs move in with full capacity.

What could happen?

The infections pile up, mucus takes place, air does not get a space to go in, the patient does not feel energized as there is no production of glucose & the list goes on.


A simple respiratory exerciser is an incentive for the patient to breathe slowly & appropriately by allowing the lungs to inflate to complete capacity, as while the respirator device holds an inhalation nozzle to inflate in the air, which is beneficial for the patient, and a plunger connected to a piston for the paramedical staff to note how well lungs are working and note the readings.

What is the gadget Respiratory Exerciser Breathing Exerciser made up of?

The appealing design is one of the factors to be considered whilst making any gadget. This breathing device consists of a mouthpiece attached to the vacuum tube, similar to the diver’s suit, large enough to accommodate in the patient’s mouth. The patient inhales inside the tube, creating a pull that raises the piston fixated at the base of the plastic cylinder. The higher the expansion of the lungs, the higher the pressure of the air plunged into the tube and the higher the piston raises. The markings on the cylinder are a sure guide to tell you how better you are getting on to inhaling the air, which is a sure incentive for a patient to blow in.

How does the measurement on the Respirator work?

The grid shows the numbers in millimeters, which marks the total volume of the patient’s breath. Doctors can identify the main volume and set up a limit on the main chamber as a target for the patient, to achieve in similar days to come. Along the volume of the air, Respirators are capable of recording the speed of the breath, with the moment of the colored balls moving up and down the clear chambers. Quick breathing will lead the ball to be on the upper part of the chamber, and vice-versa slow breathing will drop the ball to the lower regions of the chamber.

How effective is this Respirator?

1. Studies have concluded that inhaling into the vacuum pipes within a respirator while gauging the lung capacity situation makes your lungs stronger and strengthens your breathing capacity.

2. When the lungs get filled up with air, it provides a drain for the fluid and germs that can be causing the infection.

3. It educates the user on how to breathe, making it an everyday routine for them. The short breaths are changed into deep breaths with the gadget’s help.

4. The rhythm and timings of the breath flow are controlled, which in result saves the patient from breathlessness and helps them reach the nook and crannies of the air sacs – reaching the optimal level of lung function for each individual.


How often should Respiratory Exerciser Breathing Exerciser be used?

Breathing recommendations for usage is up to one to two hours, classified as 25 inhalations, used twice a day. The main consideration to remember is that it should be used as an exercise rather than a treatment, for a sensational change in the strength of the lungs, with a consistent effort and gradual progress. It should be noticed that the respirator's progress regulation varies from person to person, based on age, height, race & gender.


Steps to use it:

• To expand the lungs, sitting straight would help to blow in; you can do so by pulling yourself up at the edge of the bed or in the chair.

• Start by exhaling the air out of the lungs.

• Insert the mouthpiece for a fresh breath inhale through the mouth, without using the passage of the nose.

• The piston on the cylinder will stop at a point when you hold your breath for few seconds before exhaling, it will drop a bit.

• The piston will hit the bottom, pointing for you to let go of the breath exhaling outwards. Breathe out gently and get ready to start for the next after rest.

• It could be done about ten times a day, with gradual uplift in the piston, aimed at enhancing lung working efficiency.

• It would be effective to cough out for clearing of the mucus, to reduce infections (especially for those with chronic lung diseases)

This gadget is effective in what type of diseases?

It can be used for medical and non-medical reasons. Medical reasons include COPD, Cystic Fibrosis, and Pneumonia. One more condition needs to be addressed, which could destroy the lung capacity and reduce its affectivity for inhaling, which is smoking. Rehabs for anti-smoke departments try to make awareness through the use of respirators for an effective recovery.

Doctors also recommend using this respirator for bed-ridden patients have been sent home after surgery, so that a sudden rage rush wouldn’t affect their breathing techniques. Patients recovering from cardiac arrests surgeries, rib damage accidents, are advised to use the respirator for an early recovery.

Non-medical purposes include athletes with running, cycling, and swimming for having to exercise for better breathing procedures, creating endurance.

It has also been sourced that vocalists and wind instrument operators use this respirator for better delivery of music, with increased airflow.


Major Takeaways:

Oxygen Inhale is the best practice for a human being. It should be deep, to the fullest capacity of alveoli, and timed.

When the lungs are affected, thousand little sacs lined up the bronchi of the lung deflate, reducing the airflow inside.

The effective way to breathe with ease in such times is a device known as a respirator, which physicians prescribe for patients’ fast recovery.

Breathing is connected with other processes of digestion and neuron workability, thus more oxygen inside would definitely be a breakthrough for the patient.

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