With no MOQ, an accomplished R&D group, total product offerings, and unrivaled responsiveness, DAILYMAG is presently the top-volume Chinese wellspring of Medical Sharps Containers and the other plastic medical consumables on their way to that status too. Driven by a unique business person, engineer, and President Charles Yao and his solid group, Dailymag becomes quick. What makes DAILYMAG so special for its customers is the “YAO METHOD”. This method allows us to gain more and more customers just by creating a trust relationship. Our technique is one of a kind, it is on the grounds that we need to present the strategy for the YAO Method. We are proficient, arrangement situated, and consistently dependent on development.

There are hundreds of sharps container manufacturers in the world, mainly in Europe, the United States and China. As an excellent manufacturer in China, Dailymag has been committed to the design, development and production of sharps container since its establishment in 2005. Now it has a 6-person R&D team, 8-person precision technology department, 2 production bases, and 60 Multiple production workers.

Now Dailymag become the leading manufacturer and exporter of plastic sharps container in China. There are more than one hundred product models, and sharps container of various uses ranging from 0.1L to 64L are supplied to more than 500 customers in more than 100 countries around the world. More than 30 injection molding machines in the production base maintain efficient and continuous production for more than 18 hours a day, and half of the machines are equipped with robot arms, which can continuously produce 24 hours a day during peak production seasons. More than 90% of the raw materials for the production of sharp boxes come from Exxon Mobil Corporation and Taiwan Formosa Plastics Corporation. Because of reliable supply capacity and strict quality control, more than 80% of the Dailymag’s clients are close partners who cooperated with Dailymag more than 5 years.

As a high-quality supplier of plastic medical consumables in the world, Dailymag participates in professional exhibitions in the medical industry every year, including Expomed, Hospitalar, Indomedicare, CMEF, Canton Fair. Maintain communication with top peers, continue doing customer research, and focus on the development of new styles that are convenient and economical and practical, Dailymag Indirectly contribute to reducing medical expenses for patients.

Five key individuals from that group are either builds or have an exceptionally specialized foundation, they are a major piece of the YAO Method, they help us to tackle the issues even before the issue happens. Apollo Peng is a "hands-on" team lead, particularly with item plan viewpoints which he intently follows notwithstanding his attention on attractive items. Truth be told, a significant number of DAILYMAG's honor winning structures and in excess of 100 licenses advanced from ventures with his immediate oversight and inclusion. Like Apollo, Rachel Pan has worked in the attractive field for a long time and handles deals of different attractive materials and apparatuses. Joes Zhu, then, handles all fare deals of direct actuators and motor-related items and furthermore remains effectively associated with item structure and advancement. Our developing R&D group, presently twelve in number, is driven by Tang Shuke. Mr. Tang and his staff have consistently expanded assets to work with, including a yearly spending plan of more than 2 million RMB ($310,000 USD), CAD/CAM, 3-D printing, accuracy machining, and so on. QC/QA, also, is going via Carly Zeng who has 10+ long stretches of specialized acquisition and quality foundation.

In dealing with sub-suppliers, within subsidiaries, and within the firm itself, DAILYMAG utilizes a methodology we call "SQDP". This means: provide the client with the better SOLUTION; with the higher QUALITY design, production, and service; DELIVERED as promised and fast; and at a PRICE that increases value for both the client and end-user. Achieving great results consistently doesn't happen by accident of course, but only through the liberal application of continuous improvement principles and strong, lively company culture. Many companies say "our people are our great resource". At DAILYMAG, however, this is certainly true as we take an active stake in ensuring that our staff are growing and improving not only in the jobs and careers, but personally. We warmly welcome your inquiry and be prepared, though, for more than a quotation. Prepare to discover what many well-known corporations around the world - from Wal-Mart, Total, Philips, Bosch, and many more - have found. Prepare to start a long-term, mutually prosperous business relationship with the reliable choice for industrial magnets, magnet products, linear actuators and sharps containers... DailyMag.

The YAO Method

I am YAO. The founder of Dailymag.

Dailymag is a platform of brands that are constructed and built on my method, the YAO method is a method of delivering products that are firstly safe, bring them efficiently and do it at the highest technology level.

DailyMag is a brand built on the back of the raw talent, dynamism and creativity that is Charles YAO. The YAO Method was built on a methodology of developing products that are firstly safe, delivering them efficiently and doing it at the highest technological level possible.
To understand the YAO method it’s paramount that you understand Charles Yao. Charles Yao has built a cult-like following in China for his straight-forward, direct, magnetism. Yes, magnetism, the kind of personality that is larger than life. This personality touches everything he does and what has allowed for thousands of industry professionals, CEO’s and key opinion leaders to look to Charles YAO for simple solutions to complicated problems.

The YAO Magic Method is a set of principles built on 3 things:
1. The YAO Magic Method of Efficiency
Make sure you understand clients better than he understands himself, answer questions before they arise and always strive to be the best. These efficiency standards lead by Mr. Yao has transformed not only DailyMag but business itself domestically and internationally.
2. The YAO Method of Solution
Solve problems before they become problems, bring energy and life to earnestly solve problems, do it quickly and to to the end. Problem solving is a critical aspect of why thousands of clients world wide look to DailyMag for solutions, not just products.
3. The YAO Method of Innovation
Taking ideas, concepts and innovating them to bring solutions. Developing and innovating new product lines to bring them to the market as leaders. Being the inspiration for new technology developments worldwide.

Men, women and children love us, our competitors envy us, and want to be us all at the same time. We know what’s important, and that is our clients, you. The YAO Method is here, and its made DailyMag what it is today.

Repel, Attract, Life

Professional Medical Sharps Container Manufacture from China

Dailymag Environmental Technology (Ningbo) Limited

Undertakes its own R&D and manufacturing of sharps containers,sharp safery box and medical waste boxes, also cabinet and brackets for sharps containers.

Professional Medical Sharps Container Manufacturer from China

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