23L New Biohazard Sharps Container

A rectangle shape 23L capacity larger sharps container, flip type lid like F10 10L model design

Model: DMS-F23B
Capacity: 23.0L
Product Size: 37X24X40CM
Packing Qty: 15PCS/Carton
Carton Size: 48X39X82cm

23L Medical Sharps Container, Plastic Biohazard Sharps Box

Item No. DMS-F23B
Capacity 23.0L
Product Size Length 370mm
Width 240mm
Height 400mm
Carton Size 48X39X82cm 
Qty/Ctn 15pcs
G.W./N.W. 14.6/13.2KGS
 Material   Polypropylene(PP)
 Working Temperature   0°C-120°C
 Volume Range   0.1L to 64L
 Available Colour   Red, Yellow or Customized
 Function  The 23L Medical Sharps Container, Plastic Biohazard Sharps Box are designed to permit safe disposal of sharps and medical waste. They can collect, store, transport and dispose of medical waste in hospital, clinic and familiy care.

  • Unaffected by moderate variation in temperature

  • Leak proof and puncture resistant

  • Intermediate closure system on the lid

  • Translucent lid preventsoverfilling

  • Neeldle-remove notches on the lid

  • Final clousure system avoids reopening

  • Round edge avoids hurt when moving

  • Comprehensive label details

  • Visible fill line warns spill

 Price Advantage   The price is 5-10% cheaper than industry average because of an excellent and efficient management system.
 Delivery Advantage   The lead time must be 2-5 days quicker than industry average because of more flexible machine process control.
 Certification   BS7320, ISO13485, UN3291. AU
 Our Mission   We are not only producing 23L Medical Sharps Container, Plastic Biohazard Sharps Box, but also putting an end to the medical waste secondary pollution.
 Special Requirement   Customized design of 23L Medical Sharps Container, Plastic Biohazard Sharps Box is available.

Product Features:
* Most popular quadrate shape
* Leak proof and puncture resistant
* Wide and clear  opening for easy disposal
* Counterbalanced door for hand-free disposal
* Ergonomically-designed handle
* Temporary closure & definite closure
* Practical flip type temporary lid
* Secure perimeter lock for safe usage and transportation
* Easy mainpulation
* Comprehensive label details
* Safe to human health and environment

Comprehensive Products Range
Totaling hundreds of models of sharps containers
New Designs
More than 20 types of new designs every year
Quick Shipment
We have stocks of normal products. Minimium deliery time is 3 days.
High Performance & Low Cost
Let you be very satisfied with the products.
Service Guarantee
Response within 24 hours for all questions.


Many facilities around the worldwide choose biohazard sharp containers because they are cost efficient and provide a highly secure environment for the storage and handling of dangerous materials.

A biohazard is defined as a threat to public health or to a person's life. Medical waste containers, sharps bins, and other medical waste disposal systems fall under the biohazards definition. Some things that make up a biohazard include chemicals, biological hazards, e-waste and other biohazardous materials, viruses, heavy metals and radioactive material. All of these items present an inherent danger to the public if not disposed of in a proper and timely manner. And disposing of medical waste creates a biohazard, and doing so poses a threat to the public's health.

These storage lockers are a proven solution for storing and distributing hazardous materials, offering a fast, convenient way to meet regulatory compliance requirements and to effectively manage the storage and disposal of biohazards. These storage lockers come in a variety of sizes and styles to meet the varying needs of your business. Biohazard sharps containers are available in two types: vertical and horizontal models.

In a situation where there is a biohazard, how does a biohazard sharps container manufacturer go about addressing the issue? It's really quite simple. Companies like Dailymag offer a variety of sharps containers for sale worldwide. And they also provide a warranty for their products, so that in the event that a problem occurs, or a biohazard occurs, they are liable. If a company doesn't follow up with a proper hazard analysis, and a clean up that removes the threat from the area, the manufacturer could be held liable.

For example, if sharps containers for sale were used to dispose of hypodermic needles, they could face a lawsuit because the sharp tip of the container could have punctured the needle or punctured the skin. And, if that same needle had been used to draw blood from a person, the amount of blood drawn could be in violation of the law. However, when the sharps container was used to dispose of contaminated plastic surgeon's instruments, the situation might be different. The needles may have been contaminated, but the vials themselves may not have been tampered with in any way. But if the vials are not correctly sterilized, and the needle was used to draw blood, this is a different situation altogether.

So, how do you go about finding a good place to get price quotes? Start by going online to websites that are focused on helping consumers like yourself find a medical disposal company that is right for you. You'll probably notice that there are quite a few of these sites, and you'll want to start by getting some price quotes from them. Don't be surprised if you get more than one price quote, as companies often offer better prices if you buy several of their small waste containers for home use.

Once you've gotten price quotes from at least a few companies, you can contact them about what kind of waste containers they have available. Medical waste containers are often sentinel disposal containers, and you'll probably need one for hospital purposes as well as for home use. If you need a home container, it's a good idea to find out whether or not the company that sold you the container also sells other waste containers, as there are likely to be several sizes and models available for home usage.

The popular and affordable Dailymag biohazard sharps container offers excellent quality for a great price. Constructed out of heavy duty industrial grade plastic, this durable and reusable container is ideal for storing and disposing of medical waste. The strong, double layered plastic material provides increased strength and durability, resulting in a container that is extremely safe and stable. The red polyethylene outer layer provides stain resistance, preventing the brown chemical components of blood and body fluid from leaching into the lockers and reducing odor.

Most companies selling sharps containers also sell puncture resistant lids. Because sharps containers don't always come with lids, it's a good idea to get the best lids from the start, so you won't have to change them as often. You should also look to see if the company offers a rapid replacement policy, as this is especially important if you ever break or damage your sharps container. A reputable company will replace your lid quickly and free of charge, so you won't have to worry about spending money on an entirely new container to replace the one that broke.

Once you've found a company that sells quality sharps waste containers, it's a good idea to check out what they can deliver. You may need to send them your old containers, and you'll want to see what kind of prompt service they offer. You should be able to email them and get price quotes, and most companies should offer you expedited service. If your sharps container needs a replacement part, you should be able to get it sent to you in no time at all, and some companies even offer to pick up your used containers for free. They may be more expensive than a few other businesses, but your health is worth a few extra dollars every time you use a sharps disposal container, especially when compared to the cost of new containers.

When handling sharps and other sharps, it is essential to wear gloves and masks. The plastic sharps containers are specially designed with a double-walled, UV stabilized polypropylene inner core. This ensures that your hands stay safe from the harmful effects of the chemicals contained within the container. Unlike paper sharps, sharp containers cannot be torn open easily and are not susceptible to rapid temperature fluctuations. This ensures that sharps are kept at controlled temperatures and do not heat up resulting in chemical burns.

Another important factor related to sharps containers is their puncture resistance. Sharps and other medical waste products are required to be disposed of in a timely manner to prevent contamination. To ensure that sharps do not leak out during disposal, they are fitted with injection ports that help in restricting air flow to the container. They are also resistant to various kinds of liquids and are even puncture proof when filled with solid materials such as syringes. In order to ensure puncture resistance, plastic sharps containers are available in a variety of sizes and are completely puncture proof and resistant to water penetration.

If you are looking for a safe way of disposing of medical waste, you can count on plastic sharps container disposal systems. These sharps containers are ideal solutions to biohazard disposal and can even prevent contamination. By using sharps containers, you can save the environment by reducing the disposal of sharps and other toxic medical waste. These plastic sharps containers are available online and in stores.

A biohazard sharps container can make the difference between a safe working environment and one filled with bacteria and other harmful materials. By buying a quality sharps container from a reliable supplier, you can ensure that the job you're doing isn't putting your employees or patients at risk. In addition to the containers themselves, you should also look to find a company that sells other essential safety supplies, such as goggles, gloves, and safety gowns. Biohazard sharps containers are just one part of a safety plan that your company should implement to keep your employees safe and healthy.

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