What is disposable sharps container? It's a single use container to collect sharp medical wastes such as needles, blades and glass shards, etc. Each model has two designs of temporary closure and permanent closure of the container. Disposable sharps container mainly used in hospitals, clinics, emergency center, home care, etc. to avoid unnecessary punctures, infections and other injuries. Medical workers are well protected.

Features of disposable sharps container:
• Made of PP material (Polypropylene)
• Unaffected by moderate variation in temperature (Can withstand high temperatures up to 120 degrees)
• Body Leak proof and puncture resistant
• Intermediate closure system on the lid
• Translucent lid prevents overfilling
• Needle-remove notches on the lid
• Final closure system avoids reopening
• Round edge avoids hurt when moving
• Comprehensive label details
• Visible fill line warns spill

The disposable sharps container is economical and environmentally friendly. Product manufacturing is efficient and fast, and can meet huge number of medical consumption needs. Product recycling is also very convenient. After use, the sharps container filled with medical sharps waste are transported to the designated incinerator for full incineration. The final products are water and carbon dioxide, which have minimal impact on the environment.

Since the British Frontier Medical company invented this product in 1979, the disposable sharps container has been world widely used. After more than 40 years of development, the product has appeared in millions of hospitals, clinics and public places in more than 200 countries around the world. Especially in developed countries in Europe and the United States, the government places disposable sharps container in airports, stations, shopping malls and public toilets free of charge for citizens who need syringes for their own use, which also effectively guarantees medical safety in public places. Nowadays, in the vast majority of developing countries, disposable sharps boxes are also compulsory to be used in medical institutions, even in some of the least developed areas of Africa, there are also cheaper paper material sharps boxes in use.

Now, with the subdivision of medical applications, there are more than 200 types of sharps container from major manufacturers in the world. In order to use more user-friendly, and the supporting brackets for sharps boxes, there are also a complete range of small carts.

With the advancement of medical facility technology and the requirement for more environmentally friendly and low-carbon, reusable sharps container have also come out. The products are favored by large hospitals or research institutions with more robust design, more durable plastic materials, and more economical usability. The reusable sharps box can generally be used more than 500 times, and a professional recycling company completes a complete set of work processes such as cleaning up medical waste, cleaning containers, disinfecting, and returning sharps container to medical institutions.

Disposable sharps containers will still occupy the main market for a long time, and reusable sharps containers can better supplement market demand. Sharp container is really a great invention that brings safety and convenience to our lives. This is also the original intention of Dailymag products Make Life Safer and Easier.

Sharps container

Designed with both patient and staff in mind, our Dailymag Sharps Container works efficiently to dispose of sharps, while also securely locking the box. It is reliable and stays locked during transport. Also designed with the cost conscience facility manager in mind, its low profile design combined with its durability ensures that your budget won't be overworked.

Sharps container is designed to securely store, transport, and dispose of your used hypodermic needles, piercing tools and tattooing equipment. It features a heavy duty lid with a built-in sealable gasket to prevent leakage of infectious bodily fluids. The large handles allow you to safely and easily transport the container to the disposal facility. Its rigid design ensures that no protruding waste can penetrate or damage the sides of the container.

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), 5.6 million healthcare workers handle medical equipment that's contaminated with blood borne pathogens, and most sharps injuries result from a lack of knowledge about safe practices at work.

Our sharp containers are:

  • Made of high quality and heavy duty plastic
  • Can close with irreversible tight-fitting
  • Lid that does not puncture from inside or the outside
  • Stable and upright while using
  • Leak proof
  • Correctly labeled with regards to hazardous waste within the container

Our non-reusable sharps bin is affordable and eco-friendly. The production is effective and quick. It can satisfy a huge number of orders by the medical facilities. Our product recycling process is extremely efficient as well. The sharps bins filled with medical waste is carried to the decided incinerator. The sharps waste is fully incinerated here after use.

Ever since 1979, a British company created these containers, the non-reusable sharps container have been utilized globally. 40 years later and with enhanced improvements and developments, the item has actually appeared in countless health centers, clinics, hospitals, and public areas worldwide. Particularly in developed countries such as the UK and the USA, the governments put non reusable sharps containers in airports, railway stations, bus stops, shopping malls, and other public facilities. These are free of charge for people who require syringes for themselves or their loved ones. This also guarantees safety of the people in general at in public locations.

Nowadays, majority of countries, developed, developing, and under-developed, disposable sharps bins are expected to be used at all the medical organizations. Even the countries within Africa are required to have the sharp containers.

With development of medical institute and clinical innovation and the requirement for more eco- friendly sharp containers have paved the way for low-carbon, recyclable sharps containers. Our items are recommended by hospitals big and small worldwide as we strive for more robust design, more resilient plastic products, and more affordable use.

The sharps containers that are reusable can normally be used several times depending upon its size, and recycling company finishes the processes like the tidying up of  the medical waste, sanitizing, cleaning containers and sending back the sharps bins to medical organizations. The final products are water and carbon dioxide, which have very little effect on the environment.

Sharps Containers minimize the threat of injury in the clinics and medical centers.

Also known as sharps bins are used for safe and hygienic disposal of medical instruments such as syringe needles, medical knives, and blades, lancing pens, pipette ideas and single-use equipment. These containers are made of plastic that is non penetrable. This helps prevent the dangerous and sharp edges from puncturing the walls and hurting the health workers and even the patients.

Sharps Containers in different Sizes for different Needs
Sharps disposal containers comes in different volumes. Smaller sized bins are usually used to deal with already utilized needles and their size makes them perfect for usage on house visits. The 200 ml Sharps bin, for instance, is usually recommended due its slim measurements that virtually fit in every physician's bag.

Because of the big volume and large opening, bigger sharps containers are well known for disposing off sharp medical equipment such as scalpels or non-reusable / disposable instruments. There are different type’s sharp containers and depending on their built size, containers differ in terms of disposal. The sharps container that are small for instance are used to strip of pen needles, dental syringes and syringes with luer connectors.

After container is finally filled with transmittable sharps, it ought to be sealed and packed in a way that no one can open it. The Dailymag sharps container can be locked permanently. The lock is irreversible and this is avoid any mishap to prevent any threat of needle stick issues. The containers are then discarded as per the SOPs decided by the health institutes of relevant countries.


We at Dailymag, offer you with a wide range of sharps containers and bins that could help you safely gather all the waste within the facilities. By using these containers can help avoid possibly transmittable waste is disposed of at the hospitals, medical facility or laboratories. Plastic films are used inside the sharps containers to prevent liquid from seeping out. The Sharps bins are available in different sizes depending on the requirements put forward by the institutes and are eventually discarded once filled.

Dailymag is a credible and reliable company that has been in the business of providing quality sharps containers for syringes for several years now. In these years, we have been manufacturing top quality sharp containers that are in compliance with the requirements of the health organizations and are OSHA compliant.

Our products are renowned for their excellent design, competitive price, and being environmentally friendly.