Great news! Germany blocks new crown inhibitors, much faster than vaccines!

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The University of Frankfurt in Germany issued an announcement that with a new type of mass spectrometry technology, researchers have now found a "weakness" of the new crown. The targeted use of inhibitors can prevent the virus from replicating and achieve the purpose of "sterilizing" the new crown.

If this new technology is successfully applied, the annual Nobel Prize in Medicine may have no competitors...

Using this new mass spectrometry technology, scientists have discovered that viruses use a protein synthesis mechanism in cells to replicate and divide other viruses.

The use of inhibitors for this "weakness" can prevent the replication of this virus. After the virus loses its ability to replicate, it will become very fragile and its pathogenicity will also decrease.

Researchers have screened out several "sterilization" substances. Including a kind of 2-DG substance, in the laboratory, after applying this substance, successfully prevented the virus in the infected cell from dividing. Currently, pharmaceutical companies have stepped up research and development of related drugs and conduct clinical trials.

Experts say this technology will bring the battle between humans and the new crown to a "new era." Although it cannot eliminate the existing virus, it can sterilize the virus and seal it inside the cell.
After sterilization, the most terrifying high infectivity of the new crown will no longer exist, and because the virus in the body will no longer continue to divide and replicate, the probability of causing complications will be minimized, and the mortality rate will also decrease.
There is no doubt that this virus "sterilization" is very innovative as a medical treatment. The development of drugs is much faster than vaccines. Perhaps before the arrival of vaccines, this method is another new technology that humans can currently see hope for.
The good news from the German laboratory has given people and researchers around the world a booster, and has once again seen the hope of defeating the new crown.

According to the latest research in the laboratory, the virus seems to have lost patience and is undergoing multiple mutation attempts in the cells of millions of hosts around the world, and two new mutations have been discovered.

Even the WHO is pessimistic that the new crown is likely to be unable to overcome, and humans will coexist with this virus for a long time.
It is worth mentioning that this new mass spectrometry technology can not only be used to deal with the new crown, but also may help humans overcome other chronic diseases. Viruses such as HIV and hepatitis B have been with humans for many years. If the weakness of these diseases can be discovered, effective inhibitors can also be developed to block the replication of the virus.

Industry insiders boldly predicted: "If this new technology is successfully applied, there will be no competitors for the annual Nobel Prize in Medicine."

It is reported that the laboratory is currently preparing for the next research direction, that is, after the inhibitor blocks the replication of the new crown, it further eliminates the active virus that already exists in the body. The significance of this pioneering work is that it did not pin its hopes on the virus vaccine, but took a different approach and adopted a special method to "remove" the virus from the human body.

Good news keeps coming! First, several vaccines including the Chinese team and the University of Pittsburgh have entered clinical trials, and then the Jenner Institute team at the University of Oxford announced that before September, the new crown vaccine may be applied in batches...

In addition, two effective antibodies from two countries were launched at the same time. Now, the new crown "sterilization" has appeared. The people of the world who are deeply poisoned are tantamount to seeing a beam of light in the dark! In the face of the new crown, we must combine prevention and control with both hands to completely win this battle.

Therefore, whether it is antibodies, vaccines, or "sterilization", no matter which method, it is worth looking forward to!

Be Healthy, Wealthy and Happy in Ox year.


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