Our equipment needs to be upgraded

Since 2021, all raw material price increased crazy including all plastics, near up 35%, 
And sharps container normal price increasement is around 10-15%,

The resource price hike this time is not short-term, but will be the normal in the medium and long term, so Dailymag prepare for the long-term.

Such a drastic increase in the price of production materials has had a huge impact on the economies of all countries in the world, and has made the world's already exhausted economy even worse. We have to find a way to control the cost so that the product price will not increase or even not increase.

We consulted Dailymag's top equipment suppliers, and the latest generation of high-speed plastic injection machines launched at the end of last year are worth buying.

New gerneration plastic injection machine would improve:
1. Cycle time save 1/4
2. Power consumption save 1/4
3. Investment same
4. Material cost save 3%.

For the healthy development of our customers and the company, this investment is worthwhile.

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