Why we develop Reusable Sharps Container

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Dailymag developed Reusable Sharps Container models from 2020 year. Now we have 8L(2 Gallon), 12L(3 Gallon), 16L(4 Gallon), 38L(10 Gallon) and 64L(17 Gallon)

Reusable Shars Container could be used for more than 500 times.

Although the disposable sharps container is now the mainstream product, Dailymag has also developed a 0.1L-46L disposable sharps container from small to large, which can basically meet the needs of users. The disposal process of the disposable sharps container is also very convenient. After the box is filled with medical waste sharps, the recycling organization will centrally incinerate it. The plastic will become water and carbon dioxide will be dispersed into the air after the incineration. The solid waste residue left after incineration is harmless. After being crushed, it will be treated as ordinary garbage in landfill.

Three benefits of using reusable sharps containers:
1. Save petroleum resources, reduce the demand for plastics, and greatly reduce the consumption of petroleum derivatives.
2. Reduce the single use cost, reduce the operating cost of the hospital and clinic, and indirectly reduce the patient's medical expenditure.
3. There is no incineration step, and it is more friendly to the air and the environment.

Therefore, Dailymag is committed to the vision of environmental protection and benefiting customers, and has developed a series of reusable medical sharps container with medium to large volumes.

The main differences between disposable sharps boxes and reusable sharps boxes:
*  The wall thickness of the disposable sharps box is relatively thin, generally 0.8-1.5mm thick. The wall thickness of the reusable sharps box can reach 5mm, and its toughness and reliability are much higher than that of disposable ones.
*  The lid of the disposable sharps box cannot be separated from the barrel body after installation. The lid is designed to be permanently closed and cannot be opened once it is closed firmly. The reusable sharps box lid and the barrel body can be separated again. The lid design is a permanent closing design that can be opened again like a mechanism. After recycling, mechanical force is required to open the lid.
* The reusable sharps box recycling process. After the sharps box is full, the recycling company will collect it and send it to the mechanical assembly line to automatically open the lid, dump the medical waste, clean and high-temperature disinfection, reassemble after visual inspection, and send it back to the hospital. A new round of use.

At present, the reusable sharps container has been promoted and used in parts of North and South America. Clients feedback are all excellent, hospitals and recycling companies have benefited.

As a leading of medical sharps container manufacturer, Dailmag is honored to bring more benefits to our global customers.

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Are you looking for sharp containers disposable for disposing of your sharps? If yes, then here at Dailymag Environmental we offer you a complete range of Disposable Sharps containers with unique designs and styles. Sharps containers are disposable medical sharps containers, made by several manufacturers in different sizes, shapes, and color patterns. Sharps Container, as the name suggests is made of plastic material with a small needle shaped cap. These containers are widely used in the medical field as they can be used for various sharps procedures like blood draws, tissue analysis, blood pumping, and various kinds of tissue collections. Sharps Disposable Sharps Container is specially made of high quality plastic material, so they are safe to use and easy to maintain.

In hospitals, clinics, and public places, they basically choose disposable sharps containers. And for a long time in the past, disposable sharps boxes were the first choice for disposal of medical sharps waste. With the advancement of plastic manufacturing and supply, the renewal of disinfection equipment, and the application of standardized electronically controlled disinfection procedures, reusable sharps box has been produced, which is convenient, economical and safe. Still blocking direct contact between people and sharp objects. When properly utilized, Disposable Sharps containers allow sharps to be disposed of in an environmentally responsible manner while still protecting the environment. This new approach keeps sharps out of the landfills and avoids waste disposal costs while effectively maintaining sterility in many offices. A Disposable Sharps Container can be easily removed from the trash can and reused during future projects.

Disposable Sharps Containers comes in many shapes and forms and can be purchased in standard sizes or customized to fit your specific needs. Disposable sharps containers can be found in standard sizes or cut to your specific size requirements. Standard sizes are commonly made of polyethylene terephthalate (PET) or stainless steel. These reusable sharpeners are popular with most medical offices. Many facilities that utilize sharpeners regularly are already familiar with the advantages of having their own reusable sharpeners in addition to their disposable sharps containers. Utilizing one container for all sharps and one for disposal saves money on buying multiple sharpeners and disposing of them.


Sharps container supplies come in a wide range of uses. They are ideal for the collection of blood, cotton, and mucous. Sharp sharps containers are available in different sizes to meet your individual sharps container requirements. You can also find sharps containers with clear plastic linings to protect the inner contents from contamination. The linings are washable and dishwasher safe to provide optimum sanitary protection for your sharps collection.

Sharps containers come in varied sizes and shapes to fit any type of sharps collection. Sharps container supplies come in snap on or snap off lid models to provide easy opening for your sharps collection. Snap on lid sharps containers offer you maximum portability, ease of access, and flexibility. The snap off lid models provides you with easy access to your sharps containers while offering greater protection from contamination.

One major environmental impact that is avoided by using disposable sharps containers is the creation of more trash. Since there is no need to discard the entire container when it is empty, more plastic waste is created. The amount of plastic waste created is based on what material was used in the manufacturing process of each plastic used in the container. Some companies have a policy of only producing plastic that is recycled; others require that all materials used in the production of a disposable sharpers will be recycled.

Since many sharpeners produce chemicals and pathogens that can contaminate the surrounding area, some health issues arise from the disposal of sharps and related sharps waste. Disposable sharps containers allow the waste to be disposed of at a regular recycling facility. When this happens, the facility takes responsibility for removing any biohazards material from the area. This is especially beneficial for people who live in rural areas where biohazards may pose a threat to their homes and the occupants thereof.

In accordance with OSHA regulations, hospitals that utilize disposable sharps containers meet all health and safety requirements as far as the disposal of sharps is concerned. For example the hospital may need to ensure that sharps are disposed of according to OSHA standards, which would normally mean the container is segregated from the rest of the sharps container systems. Additionally, the hospital must ensure that the sharps container meets all other health and safety requirements.

In most instances, a hospital's compliance to these health and safety requirements is achieved by purchasing carbon footprint friendly or 'green' sharps disposal systems. In an effort to reduce their carbon footprint, many hospitals choose to buy re-usable sharps container systems. By purchasing these types of disposal systems, hospitals are able to reduce their total environmental impact. In addition to reducing their environmental impact, they also greatly improve the delivery, collection, and reprocessing of the waste that they do generate. In short, by using re-usable sharps container systems, hospitals not only help themselves, but the environment as well.

With the purchase of re-usable disposable sharps containers for hospital use, the hospital no longer needs to worry about whether or not they will be able to find a compatible container for their sharps disposal needs. Now, instead of depending on their existing stock of sharps, hospitals can easily and quickly find a compatible replacement without having to make any changes to their current storage system. In addition to this, the purchase of these reusable containers does not negatively impact revenue collections. This means that when a hospital purchases a number of disposable sharps containers, they actually generate more revenue than they spend on their disposal needs. Therefore, purchasing these types of disposable sharps containers allows hospitals to save money, while helping to protect the environment at the same time.

Hospitals that utilize disposable sharps containers for disposing of hazardous waste generated by hospital activities can significantly reduce their environmental impact while still meeting their legal requirements. Because these sharps container systems are so easy and convenient to use, it is easy for hospitals to meet these requirements while also meeting the regulatory requirements. Thus, disposing of hazardous waste generated through hospital activities has now become even easier and more manageable with the use of these convenient and easy to use disposable sharps containers.

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If you are looking for a sharps container that is functional, eco-friendly, and multifunctional, you should look at reusable sharps containers at Dailymag. We are dedicated to offering high quality products without compromising the durability. These sharps containers are specially designed for reuse, provide protection against contamination and offer a longer shelf life. The plastic material used in these sharps containers allows condensation to form on the interior surface, which reduces odor. The double layered lid ensures that your sharps collection remains fresh and clean. In addition to being convenient, reusable sharps containers are affordable and easy to store.


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